A reliably great day in NYC

I don't recall exactly when I learned about the Achilles organization, but I do remember who enlightened me. It was my wonderful friend Jennifer Lagrotteria (then Mahran) who explained that there are people who don't just tackle a marathon, but do so in service of others.

I was floored.

Achilles volunteers don't run 26.2 miles hoping for sub 4:00 finishes or even a personal best. They run - and jog, and walk - so that an athlete with challenges can participate. It's inspiring, year after year.

I love marathon day in New York. 

And then there are the costumes. 

And the music. No Sleep til Brooklyn was popular along Bedford.

The 2014 marathon happened on a cold, windy day, but the strength and spirit of the runners and the cheering crowd left me smiling, as always. 


Update (11/6/2016): here are some of my favorite pics from the 2016 marathon.

You can view more of my NYC marathon videos here and here (updated for 2016).