So far, so good (and Emirates Air is terrific)

We are approximately 4000 miles into the trip, 56k feet above Hungary. There are a little less than five hours to go until we arrive at our initial destination, Dubai.

Emirates as an airline has impressed thus far. The amount of information we can access from our seat back consoles continues to blow my mind. Whether it's the data I mentioned above or the ability to switch between cameras mounted on three parts of the plane (during takeoff, I switched between the pilots' view, the underbelly and the tail--incredible), I am not feeling any of the disorientation I do when I fly domestically.

In the seven hours since departing JFK, we have been fed twice already. First there was a bean and corn salad, entree of chicken, lamb or vegetarian tagine AND chocolate mousse. Later came a French bread pizza. Oh, and wine is complimentary. My friend Julie and I have tried two of their white whine options so far.

This *could* be why I have a little headache.

Maybe more sleep would be a good idea. Thus far, I have slept approximately two hours. The middle seat between Julie and me is open, thank goodness. We are comfortable and entertained. 

The tv, film, music and internet options have made sleep an afterthought, even for me. And I take sleep seriously! But there's Downton episodes and Catching Fire and lots of other movies I've missed and I'm finding them all hard to ignore.

Additionally, excitement about all of the new experiences I will soon have has me feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve. For now, sleep can wait.