Hello from Nairobi

After a twelve hour flight from JFK to Dubai and then another 4.5 hour flight from there to Nairobi, we made it safely to Kenya.


The flights were much easier than anticipated, thanks to lots of entertainment options and good food (and wine) from Emirates. I watched three movies (Inside Llewyn Davis, Catching Fire and Philomena) and some tv when I wasn't napping or talking with my travel mates. 

(Side note: it felt weird to fly over Iraq)

After getting to our hotel, taking a hot shower and a brief nap, we had a group dinner. By this point I was a zombie and now at 9 pm, I'm in bed.  

We have a big day tomorrow with lots of wildlife and a five hour drive to Maasai Mara

Initial impressions of Kenya: warm, genuine people, excellent weather in July, lots of traffic.


More photos are on Instagram