Sounds I didn't hear for a week

Life in Maasai Mara had a very different soundtrack than I am used to in New York City. Around Day Two, I noticed the lack of these sounds:

  • Car horns - in Kenya, it's called 'hooting' and you're discouraged from doing it
  • Sirens - police, fire, ambulance, all of it
  • Planes flying overhead except once per day. The plane that flew us from Siana Springs back to Nairobi was one of those sounds.


  • TV until I heard Kenyan hip hop at Mpopongi School
  • TV news
  • A weather or traffic report
  • Spotify - no wifi signal to play it
  • Iggy Azalea - except when my Emirates Air gate agent's phone rang and its ringtone was "Fancy"


In contrast, these are sounds I did hear:

  • Kids asking how many years I have - every day!
  • Monkeys fighting
  • A bird that sounded like the world's worst metronome
  • Bush bucks walking outside Julie and my tent
  • Guitar Man singing John Denver songs
The one and only Guitar Man

The one and only Guitar Man


  • Kenyan children singing "Welcome Our Visitors" each morning
  • Rocks crunching under our ancient but strong Nissan van
  • Llewelyn rocking out