The Kenya Schedule - Part Two

Part One here.    

Monday, July 14

At 6 am, we got our wake-up call. At Siana Springs Tent Camp, that consists of a man standing outside your tent saying "Jambo!" (hello in Kiswahili) until you respond in kind. I found myself waking up strangely early - for me - so I was usually awake before the call came.

By 7 am Monday and each day to follow, we met the rest of the group for breakfast before departing around 7:30 am for Nkenijii School in two vans.

I'm not sure about the distance to school in terms of miles or kilometers; only that the drive across the savanna took anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour and fifteen minutes. If I recall correctly, the first day's trip was the longest and the bumpiest before our awesome drivers figured out a different route. 


That being said, each drive had its tricky spots. Our old-looking Nissan vans, purchased used from Japan and reinforced for Kenyan terrain, were the unsung heroes of the trip.


Our arrival at school that first day was emotional. I posted a bit about Day One here.


Each day except Friday, we stayed at school until approximately noon. The hours at school were spent playing sports and games, creating art from available supplies, working in the makeshift clinic and building the kitchen for which we all (and some of you) raised funds.


After school, we returned to Siana Springs for lunch followed by free time. We could take a swim in the pool, get a massage or a drink in the bar, or take a nap. On days other than Monday and Friday, we had optional activities including nature walks, a night safari and a Maasai village tour.

Guess which I chose that first day? Yep, a nap and a shower.

Each day, we met as a group in the lounge at 6:00 pm to discuss the day's events. Afterward, we had dinner at 7:30 pm. On some nights, we were treated to dance and singing performances by local Maasai and the aforementioned Guitar Man. The Maasai visitors would close by laying out handmade wares which is where I bought this bracelet.

After dinner, I usually went to the tent to relax for a while - reading, charging my phone before the electricity was shut off for the night and laying out clothes for the next day. I think the latest I went to sleep all week was 11.

Part Three will lay out some of the optional activities as well as the return to Nairobi.