Hey Mom and Dad, I'm in the NY Times!

If you ask New York Times readers "what's your favorite section?" you'll probably hear a lot of people say Travel, or Style, or even those wacky Vows features. But my go-to is always Real Estate. 

I love The Hunt and the Q&As about over-the-top co-op boards, creepy supers and sixth floor walk ups. Then again, I also spend lots of time on Streeteasy and Curbed and the like.

Recently my [most excellent] roommate Katie did an interview with Joanne Kaufman for the NYT about our choice to live with together instead of solo. Apparently this is A Thing.

When Joanne asked Katie to schedule a photo shoot, it was clear that we were in

After Katie spiffed up the place, putting fresh flowers everywhere (and I got my hair done--obviously Katie is the better roommate), a nice photographer named Richard came by and shot us in a variety of settings.

During the shoot, I kept thinking about this Liz Lemon scene and how I shouldn't do anything stupid like pretend to eat a red pepper like an apple (note: I totally did) lest something like this be the result.

Fortunately some kind editor chose a very normal looking pic of us on the balcony. My hair looks short (it's not). And I thought I had better posture. Oh well.

(Click here to read the story online)

The print edition also included this pic.

Here's the finished piece. (link)

P.S. as of post date, the caption is wrong. I'm on the left, Katie is on the right.