Giraffes, everywhere

On our first full day in Kenya (click here for the schedule), we woke up early and after breakfast, got in the vans. While we were headed toward Maasai Mara, we had a few stops to make before the journey would begin in earnest.

Our first stop was at the Giraffe Center. I had, of course, seen giraffes in zoos before, but the experience in Kenya was completely different. Much cooler.

The keepers taught us a few giraffe tricks. First, how to get a giraffe to "kiss" you. Here's my friend Julie exhibiting perfect technique.

All it took was placing a giraffe treat between one's lips. The giraffe would do the rest. You just needed to have your camera ready.

I was content to try the other trick: how to make it appear I was hugging a giraffe (while avoiding a head butt).

Similar concept: lure the giraffe near you by having a treat in your far hand while wrapping your near arm around the giraffe's neck.

The Giraffe Center was a terrific start to our transition from Nairobi to remote Maasai Mara.

What we didn't realize at the time is that we would soon see even more giraffes in the wild. I don't think a day went by where we neglected to spot giraffes on our trips to and from Nkenijii School.

It never got old to me.

Updated to include another giraffe video starring my friend Caroline.