Feeling OK

Today is day five post-op and I'm feeling pretty good. I had hoped to post an update sooner, but between pain medication, sleep, visitors and the fact that sitting upright can still be a bit uncomfortable, suddenly here were are.

I feel much better than I thought I would at this point in the process, but today I am feeling TIRED so I will keep this update brief.

The mass is out. It was even bigger than it looked on the CT scan--more than 16 cm instead of the 14.4 cm estimate given by the radiologist. Upon my request, Dr. S texted me a picture of the extracted tumor. To me, it looks like a Chipotle burrito made of pork. If you'd like to see if, let me know. It's not for everyone.

Surgery involved five incisions - four small running from the start of my left floating ribs to my left hip, one larger where the mass actually came out. Dr. S described it as being like delivering a tumor via C section given that the bigger incision is down by my bikini line. From what I can tell, it's the small incision by my hip that hurts the most. I suspect that incision is closest to the former home of the mass.

Update: there are actually six incisions, not five. I need to pay closer attention!

Tomorrow is my follow-up appointment with Dr. S (including, hopefully, a pathology report on the mass*). Today I am doing my best to keep my mind occupied so do feel free to say hello. Unless I'm sleeping. And I'm likely sleeping.

For your entertainment, here's an inadvertently alarming selfie I posted while still under the influence. Red velvet cake via Make My Cake and my friend Adrienne.

Later I will tell you more about the surgery if you would like to read.