"I hope that's not a @Cowboys star"

There I was, minding my own business, as I approached the TSA agent handling the TSA Pre check in at LAX, when suddenly I heard the man say "I hope that's not a Cowboys star."

"It's Hamilton, sir," I told him, moving my hair away from the embroidered logo on my sweatshirt.

"However..." I thought to myself, laughing at how the man might react if he knew

[And yes, I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt while flying. I've been traveling a lot, ok?]

While I have you...hi. I am doing pretty well. Six months after my surgery, I only have three real reminders of what I experienced.

Itchy, unscratchable scars. I read this article in the NY Times and nodded. It should have occurred to me that I would feel this way given that I previously had ankle surgery and many years later, I still have a pins and needles feeling along one toe. But it's weird how surgeons never mention this likelihood. 

Annoying CT scans. I had one in January and my next one is in mid-April. The scan itself is easy and brief, but I dread drinking the gross barium 'milkshake' and the cumulative radiation exposure is scary.

Fatigue. Whoa. I need more sleep than I used to--and I have always been a sleeper. To be honest, I am tired all the time and it's a factor in my lack of recent blog posts. But the docs say this is normal so I sleep when I can.

Thanks for reading.