The vanishing rhino

When we spotted a rhino during our safari last July, our guides made it clear that this was a special sighting.


Maureen, a five-time Maywood Rotary Kenya Project volunteer (amazing and wonderful, by the way), commented that this was the first time she had seen a rhino during the group's annual trip to the Tanzania border and back.

But it was this New York Post (link) article that made me realize how rare a rhino sighting is thanks to both poachers and the distribution of the rhinoceros population across the African continent.

To date, there are only 26,000 rhinos left in Africa — 80 percent of which are in South Africa, mostly in Kruger National Park. Last year, 1,004 rhinos were killed in South Africa. So far this year, the number has climbed to 618, with the toll in Kruger at 400.
— New York Post


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